5 Ways New Homeowners Can Cut Electricity Costs by 200%

5 Ways New Homeowners Can Cut Electricity Costs by 200%

You’re moving to a new house? Building a new life? Then you’re definitely not going to want to start unpacking the burdens. Electricity bills, for example. Saving money can become a hassle in this day and age. It is normal for many families to look at hundreds of dollars worth of utility bills at the end of each month. 

We will offer a few simple ideas in this article that will help all new homeowners reduce power costs by up to 200 percent. 

Just a few easy changes will help you through your utility bills to how you use electricity.

  1. Making use of natural light

During the day, electricity consumption can be reduced easily. Facing the south, large windows will allow you to light up large rooms. You can save up to $9 a year by using a 60-watt bulb for no more than four hours a day. 

Research is also confirming this. Daylight has a beneficial effect on human health and performance.

We suggest to those who want to save on their energy bills homes with large windows and double-plated glass.

2. Switch the Lights Off

Consider replacing light bulbs of any old style. In these bulbs, heat production is consumed by 90 percent of the energy. Only 10% of the energy used, however, makes a visible light. Incandescent bulbs are inefficient to illuminate large areas. 

Replacing all the bulbs in your house can take a while. But the one thing that can be done right away is to switch off all non-used fixtures. Each night, turn off all the lights before you hit the sack. Consider it a habit.

3. Check the appliance energy labels

To make sure you buy an energy-efficient product. You’ve got to read the labels. By buying home appliances that use minimal energy, you can save up to 200 percent on electricity bills.

For washing machines and dryers while shopping, you can search for those with an intelligent sense. Once the clothes are clean or dried, the model should be able to automatically turn off. And if you love tea, then spend on a kettle that uses the least amount of power.

4. Unplug things that you use rarely

When plugged in, energy is still derived from stereo systems, TVs, machines, and treadmills. Even if the machine is switched off. This is called the “Vampire Drain.” If you don’t routinely use them then consider unplugging from the source of power.

You may have to waste a couple of moments before each use to plug in the unit. Maybe even a few more gadgets to unplug.

5. Install enough insulation

Insulators serve as obstacles. This avoids the loss of energy and the increase in temperature. If you live in a hot area, most of your bills will be covered by air conditioning.

While eliminating mold and dampening by insulators, insulators are also a very effective way of reducing energy costs. This makes winter houses hotter and summer cooler. It implies less use of heaters and air conditioners. A drop in expenses, therefore.

Consider installing a proper insulation device when your new home is being restored or constructed. For many years to come, it will be a good investment.


It was never easy saving money. Who would have thought the utility bills had such a strain on electrical energy? You can quickly save a few digits with these simple steps. Implement them immediately!

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