7 Home Improvements That Are Smart And Affordable

7 Home Improvements That Are Smart And Affordable

Some people are interested in their projects for home renovation, only to be discouraged by the cost. Sure, home renovations can be very expensive, but this should not always be the case.

There are plenty of intelligent ways to do low-cost home improvement projects that will not split your savings. The important thing, however, is that although they are cost-effective, the product should not be cheap as well. Here are some of your inspiration’s smart low-cost projects:

1) Start replacing electrical outlets

With beige and yellowing paint, outlets and switches can look very bad for older houses. You will be shocked at how you can significantly change your house by replacing your outlets with new white outlets, brightening the whole atmosphere. Better still, it’s not that costly to do, and it’s easy to install. 

Simple outlets are as cheap as $0.5, and there are about $0.7 switches. Of course, you’ll have to remove the cover plates as well, but they’re just $0.5 each as well. You can get new outlets with built-in USB charging ports or even newer, smart outlets that can attach to your Wi-Fi or smartphone apps if you want to go the extra mile and have a little more budget storage. 

It may be relatively expensive, but it can also save you a lot of money and increase your safety at home.

2) Paint your Walls

Painting the walls is one of the most efficient ways to make your house look better, but many of us are just too lazy to do that. Yes, it can be relatively expensive to paint, and yes, it can take time to paint. But, as described, the long-term effect can be useful home improvements that you can do. 

Paint the house yourself to save money and don’t depend on professionals. Anyone can paint their homes for sure.

3) Start replacing your Lighting Fixtures

Replacing light fixtures with newer, lighter, and more traditional fixtures is another effective way to make your house look better. 

Light fixtures come in all sizes and price ranges, and depending on your budget you have a lot of options. You can pay as cheaper like $10, and the performance can be amazing.

4) Upgrade the thermostat

Upgrading your thermostat to newer ones with better technologies may not be an aesthetic change in your home, but it may be more important for you to think first. Programmable thermostats, and even more with new smart thermostats, can save you a lot of long-term money, freeing up some cash for other home improvement projects. 

Utility bills are the highest monthly household expense for many households that is not a mortgage or rent, and heating and air conditioning is a major part of it. Thermostats can save a huge amount of heating and Air Conditioning energy, and it is definitely worth considering.

These days, programmable thermostats are really cheap, and you can get them well below $30. Smart thermostats will cost about $200 practically, but in the long run, they can save even more power (and utility bills).

5) Replace Your Shower Head

Now, except for you and your family, probably not much will use the showerhead. And, by replacing it with a newer, better one, it is a good way to treat yourself. 

In addition to enhancing aesthetics, the shower heads can have a lot of features to enhance your bathroom me-time. Yet the heads of the shower shouldn’t be high, and for as low as $25 you can get really nice ones. Therefore, there is no shortage of options, and you can choose whatever you want.

6) Upgrade the design of your wall

Plain walls are always dull, and using decorative shelves, painting and picture frames is the best way to improve them after the paint job. Of course, painting can be costly, but it can be very inexpensive to have decorative shelves and picture frames. 

Floating shelves that look nice can only be as small as $15, and frames of pictures can come in bulk with many variations. Next, spend a couple of bucks on printing your favorite family pictures or whatever you like.

Wall lighting fixtures can also be used to improve the atmosphere or to use wash lights to further amplify wall decorations.

7) Improve your appeal for landscape and curb

Outside the house is just as essential as your interior, it can actually be even more efficient. Landscaping can indeed be very costly, particularly for major improvements including bricks, stones, and larger plants.

It can make a lot of changes just by doing the basics. Start with the use of fertilizer on the grass, add new plants and flowers and replace the fences with newer, cleaner ones.

If your budget allows, with newer models, you can also improve outdoor lighting. This will not only improve your yard’s aesthetics but also improve your home’s safety.

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