Bedroom Paint Color Ideas

Bedroom Paint Color Ideas

Have you noticed that color can affect your mood? The right choice of color in the bedroom will make a huge difference in how you feel.

While there are rules on what colors a bedroom is best for you, each person has their own preferences and tastes. You may be drawn to an unusual color that has qualities in your life that you need more. Forget the rules that are conventional. Choose a color that you love and paint the walls of your bedroom, ceiling, trim, furniture, or whatever makes you happy.

Painting ideas and techniques in Bedroom

Painting your bedroom is a cheap way to customize the look of your bedroom. Paint more than just the walls to maximize the layout of your bedroom. From the bedroom ceiling to the floor, you can paint any spot. Here are some decorative ideas for bringing your home to the next level using paint:

Lighting Benefit

A simple DIY project is a wall dimmer switch that makes a big impact in a painted bedroom. Dimmers are inexpensive and help to create the right lighting to improve your mood. It is particularly helpful if you have painted your bedroom walls in a bold color to be able to brighten or dim a room on request.

Metallic paint on the wall

If your room is naturally dark, metallic paints will add to your walls a warm shine. They need to apply several coats, but the final effect is worthwhile. In a variety of colors, you can find easy to use metallic paints. The wall is painted in a metallic steel paint color in the image below.

Patterns and stripes

Try painting a line or more on your walls for a dramatic effect. Stripes need not be flat or vertical at all times. A stripe can run in a pattern or horizontally.

Bedroom Paint Color Ideas

Look at the following colors and choose your favorite. We’ll look at what your choice of color means about your personality or what you might need more in your life.


If green was your choice of color, you can get along with it easily, calmly, and steer clear of the drama. Green is the most soothing shade. There are plenty of shades of green that can create a stress-free environment.

Lately, is your life a bit chaotic? You may have selected green for that reason. Bring it in and build a peaceful, meditation bedroom

If you also want an ecologically green room, choose low-VOC and chemical-free interior paints.


You are mysterious and sultry if black is your choice of color. You are important for prestige and power. You are strong, self-sufficient and in control. People attracted to the privacy of black love. Black is the perfect color for your bedroom’s protected, intimate space. If you’ve chosen black, ask yourself if you need to set more limits to feel safe and in charge of your personal and working relationships.


Choosing mocha means that you are genuine and down-to-earth. People are attracted to your genuine self, honest and optimistic. You enjoy the simple luxuries of life and love to decorate your house. Getting attracted to the mocha shade will tell you to slow down and enjoy more time in nature.


Blue can come in different shades of color, yet most blue lovers have something in common: a need for harmony and peace. If you’ve chosen blue, you’re faithful, have buddies in your life, and you’re like a routine. Blue fans tend to prefer a clean, orderly space, so be sure not only to color your walls but also to add some extra storage and design to your bedroom. In a peaceful, uncluttered blue bedroom, you’ll feel more at home.


The lovers of orange were highly social and fearless. You enjoy adventure, you love to travel and meet people. The orange walls of the bedroom are dry and enthusiastic. In contemporary design, it’s one of the top colors of choice. It’s time to add some fun to your life (and bedroom walls) if you’re attracted to orange.


You’re a perfectionist and a dreamer if you’re attracted to yellow. Extremely analytical, for abstract subjects and business, you have a great mind. You are extremely charismatic and in your company you make people feel at ease. Choosing yellow means you need to spend more time relaxing, contemplating and dreaming.

If you’re not sure about the bright yellow color of your entire bedroom try these tips:

  • Just paint one yellow wall
  • Go for gold to make your bedroom rich and inviting
  • Use yellow as a bedding or accessories accent color


You want a minimalist design and the new high-tech gadgets if you choose gray as your preference. Fortunately, gray is not just the top of the moment’s contemporary paint shade, gray walls are soothing and restful.

The use of color therapy is as simple as painting the walls in your bedroom. When you think about bold colors and want to make things easier, start small. Paint a single wall, add stripes or use as your accent color the color you picked. Share with us, which color you’ve chosen?

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