About Us

“Live in a HOUSE not in a box.” – Yes, this is our finest line. We believe that each person deserves to live in a place where there is safety and comfort, a place where he can be free and true to himself, and a place where he can fully express his own style and personality. This is where we come in.

Ella Bree Homes is the premier home builder in San Antonio that specializes in Modern Design with a Vintage feel. We build custom homes to your liking and we assist from design to completion with easy to understand processes. We are there every step of the way.


Our Mission

As a premier home builder, we assist in designing and customizing your homes to your liking. We help home owners make the best layout, color scheme, and material choices. We have taken full design freedom and we really couldn’t care less whatother builders are doing. We march to the beat of our own hammers.


Our Vision

To build strong connection with our clients and become the leading premier home builder in San Antonio. To be recognized and referred to other clients by word of mouth, or just a simple compliment. We have a mindset on efficiency to get you your dream home in half the time with twice the quality of other builders.